Optical amplifiers have had a breakthrough in recent years. Initially, amplification of optical signals was performed passing the optical signal to the electrical domain, then the amplified signal back again to the optical domain. Subsequently, to avoid signal distortion, optical amplifiers arise. The first amplifier of this type was the amplifier SOA, which generated a lot of noise in the signal. The EDFA amplifier, which is based on doped fiber, appears to improve the noise figure with higher gain in the amplification process. Later, Raman amplifiers, which are based on the excitation of nonlinear phenomena in fiber provide greater amplification gain than EDFA and adds the least amount of ASE noise to the amplified optical signal. Hybrid amplifiers are the future of DWDM systems because its high bandwidth gain and low noise figure, allowing to increase system efficiency. This article discusses the different hybrid amplifiers, specifically the HOA RAMANEDFA amplifiers, by analyzing the RAMAN-EDFA-RAMAN configuration, its advantages and disadvantages in current DWDM systems are studied.


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JUAN DAVID BONILLA, Universidad de Antioquia

Ingeniero de telecomunicaciones de la Universidad de Antioquia, con énfasis en comunicaciones ópticas, específicamente en el diseño de redes de transporte DWDM long-haul y redes de acceso FTTH.


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